Month: May 2021

Biometrics Authentication and Passwords

Identity authentication has traditionally been accomplished via passwords. However, users do not always comply with suggested best practices for password creation and management, leaving devices and personal information at risk. With cyber crime incidents on the rise, a variety of biometric authentication methods have emerged to replace the password. Laptops have implemented fingerprint scanners for …

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The Best Technology Doesn’t Always Win

Within all levels of an organization, teamwork is critical in getting the job done. When co-workers have effective working relationships with one another, productivity increases, and profits rise. Although team-building is easier done within one particular team, it is just as important to foster relationships between different teams of an organization. Oftentimes, the Security department …

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BYOD – Bring Your Own Disaster?

An increasing number of organizations are encouraging employees to bring and use their own devices to the workplace to access company data and systems. Companies recognize that employees are more comfortable, and therefore productive, using their personal devices rather than ones selected by the IT group. Also, personal devices are typically more cutting-edge, giving the …

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Healthcare Breaches – What Can You Do?

Healthcare organizations are being targeted at an alarming rate. Whether it’s an insider breach (an employee stealing information or an untrained staffer unintentionally mailing out sensitive data) or a hacker gaining unauthorized access, medical organizations are paying hefty penalties for these breaches. New York Presbyterian and Columbia University were recently fined a record $4.8 million for a …

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Dara Security Now Only Accredited PCI QSA In Nevada

Dara Security is pleased to announce that it recently achieved its Accredited PCI QSA (Payment Card Industry Qualified Security Assessor) and PA DSS QSA (Payment Application Qualified Assessor) certifications. Our company is headquartered in Reno and is the only Accredited PCI QSA in Nevada. Accredited PCI QSA Expands Our Company Our team has more than 20 …

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OpenSSL Flaw Discovered

Still recovering from Heartbleed, we heard of yet another OpenSSL flaw that was reported yesterday. The “SSL/TLS MITM” vulnerability allows a user to interfere with the “handshake” between a client and server, essentially disrupting web traffic encryption. What The OpenSSL Flaw Means In exploiting this OpenSSL flaw, a malicious user decrypts and modifies information flowing …

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